Fearless and unrestrained by convention, Scott Lazerson is a modern day crusader, driving his philanthropic initiatives with uncanny timing and fortuitous cooperation from powerful and unlikely allies.  Scott’s ability to unify diverse groups of people and align them to a common goal (to benefit the disadvantaged) is one of his greatest talents.

Scott’s own humble beginnings connect him with compassion to humankind in general, and to those least fortunate specifically.  Gaining tremendous national acclaim for a children’s clothing line he created with wife Heidi, Scott caught his vision of how he might leverage the influence of media and celebrity to promote the welfare of those in need.

Bringing this vision into reality has become Scott’s passion and is the focus of his life’s work.  Setting aside time from his schedule as a successful entrepreneur, Scott has served as Board Member of American Indian Services, as Executive Director of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, as Chairman of the Board for the Friends of the Arts Foundation, and as Executive Director of the Rose Foundation. However, it was the creation of the 2007 International Philanthropic Summit that brought him to a new level in the world of philanthropy.  By bringing together over 600 people, including twelve front-line philanthropists speaking at a round table discussion on “The Globalization of Philanthropy”, he was able to see five public charities each receive $250,000 because of the Summit.  It is through his commitment to philanthropic endeavors, Scott has fostered powerful relationships with media contacts, celebrities, and fellow businessmen & women all ready and willing to answer his call.

Scott is spirited, original, and ambitious.  He is gifted in manifesting his philanthropic visions and in bringing together people of all walks of life to support the process.  A father of five, Scott and his wife Heidi currently reside in Utah.


One thought on “About

  1. Sandra Fan says:

    You sound like an amazing, an absolute “must-meet” person. I am really looking forward to meeting you in person on the 20th of Sept! 🙂

    Warm regards,
    Sandra Fan

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