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Radio Shows, Crio Bru, and Color Me RAD

Last Monday I was invited to The Landon Bench Show on K-Ute Radio.  We discussed everything (literally, everything) from my celebrity friends to conspiracy theories.  I had such a blast being in studio!

I just love working with cool people.  Celebrity or non-celebrity, it doesn’t matter to me.  I love passionate people!  No matter who I’m dealing with, they will always get the real Scott.

Wherever you’re at, join us on our road trip to the Color Me Rad 5k Run in Las Vegas on November 17th.  We promise you a cool cast of characters will be getting color bombed with you!  For 20% off your registration fee, use promo code SCOTTSPEEPS.

My 12 year old son Tsering came to the office with me last week, and told me he would never want to do what I do for a living.  Update: It has now changed to “maybe.”  We did have an awesome day, and even got to throw in a Crio Bru taste test at Decadence Café.


To top it all off, he left me this killer “thank you” note:

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